Don’t Let Driving In The Sun Take The Shine Off Your Summer

Wed 3rd Jul 2019

Drivers who are dazzled in the summer sunshine could end up with a hefty fine, or worse crash their car if they don’t take the correct precautions behind the wheel.

Recently released Department for Transport figures show that of the 2,324 collisions caused by drivers distracted by the sun, 25 are fatal every year. And whilst the worst case scenario isn’t always the outcome, if the police decide that you are driving without due care and attention then they could give you an instant £100 fine.

Fortunately there are a number of tools and tips which can help drivers avoid the glare. has issued a range of tips to make sure that the summer drive is as safe as possible.

Tim Alcock, spokesman for, said: “It’s important for all car owners to carefully consider the hazards of travelling on a bright summers day – it can be far from nice weather for a drive.

“Official government stats show that the sun is actually more dangerous than rain or snow on UK roads, so we’re warning drivers to stay safe this summer and have released crucial advice to help them.

“From cleanliness and visual aids to changing your driving habits, taking precautionary measures could save drivers from avoidable injury or inconvenience.”

LeaseCar’s tips include using the car’s visors, slowing your car down and pulling over if your vision is affected, ensuring your windscreen has full visibility by keeping it clean, fix any cracks or chips in your windscreen straight away and wear appropriate and approved sunglasses.