Don’t Veer For Deer

Mon 12th Oct 2020

A major road safety organisation has warned drivers that breeding season for deers could lead to a greater risk of collision this autumn.

GEM Motoring Assist is asking drivers to be wary in areas of the UK where deers are prevalent to avoid being one of the 75,000 vehicles which has a collision with a deer in this country every year. The road safety organisation is also warning drivers not to try and swerve around the animal, as this is much more dangerous for all concerned and could lead to a collision with another vehicle or a pedestrian.

GEM’s advice is to stay alert and watch out for ditches at both sides of the road, and if you spot one deer, be prepared to see another as often they gather in groups.

Research from the RSPCA shows that 10,000 deers are killed every year following a collision with a car, while 10 to 20 people are fatally injured because of deer collisions.

Neil Worth, GEM chief executive, says: “We encourage drivers to be extra observant, but we recommend that you ‘don’t veer for a deer’, purely because of the risks that go with a sudden change of direction while driving.

“Periods of highest deer activity tend to occur at dawn and dusk, coinciding with the morning and evening rush hour, increasing collision risks in areas where deer are common.”