Don’t Write Off Hybrids Say Mitsubishi

Tue 25th Aug 2020

Plug-In Hybrids have a major role to play in converting the UK driving public to electric mobility according to a survey from Mitsubishi Motors.

The survey of more than 1,000 Mitsubishi owners, which was split almost down the middle of plug-in hybrid owners and those with internal combustion engines, 48 per cent of PHEV owners said they would consider a full electric car, while only 9 per cent of ICE owners had considered the prospect. Mitsubishi’s research suggests therefore that PHEVs could be a gateway vehicle to the EV becoming more popular.

The PHEV owners amongst the Mitsubishi owners still had some hang-ups about moving to EV, mainly the range, and a few gripes about EV technology needing to improve. The encouraging news however comes from the ICE drivers, with almost a quarter, 34 per cent, admitting that they may be tempted by a PHEV purchase.

While plug-in hybrid vehicles may be forgotten about in the race to net zero emissions, the models, including Mitsubishi’s own Outlander PHEV still have an immediate environmental impact.

Rob Lindley, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, commented, “This latest research reinforces the fact that PHEVs are a gateway to an all-EV future. Consumers still harbour concerns about pure electric vehicle range, affordability and relying on the nascent nature of the charging infrastructure in the UK, all of which can be addressed by PHEVs while these issues are resolved over time. In the interim, PHEVs can help both the industry and government make an immediate impact on climate change and air quality, especially in urban areas, and speed up the acceptance of electrified vehicles.”