Drivers ‘Getting Away With It’ Says Report

Wed 23rd Jun 2021

A lack of policing on the UK road network has created a culture whereby dangerous drivers believe that they can commit traffic offences without punishment according to new research.

A report published by the AA this week has revealed that three quarters of those surveyed believe that they can get away with motoring offences due to the low numbers of traffic cops.

Confidence in the police has dropped to such a level that only one in six of those questioned believe that motorists would be punished for careless driving, a fifth think that they will get caught for drug driving and a quarter think they would be punished for driving without insurance.

The survey of some 15,500 motorists found that the only crime which you are more likely to get caught out with is speeding, though that is more to do with the increase in speed cameras rather than the threat of police.

“Drivers clearly feel that the lack of police officers on the roads means that the likelihood of getting caught for some major offences is hugely diminished,” said AA president, Edmund King.

“In order to achieve zero road deaths by the end of the decade, we need to do more to warn drivers that if they break the law they will be caught.

“With more than eight of out 10 drivers saying that a more visible police presence would help make roads safer, more cops in cars are needed to change the tide.”

The AA is calling for more police officers on the road, with most recent research suggesting that numbers of traffic police officers has dropped by a quarter over the last ten years.