Drivers Still Using Mobile Phones Behind The Wheel

Mon 1st Apr 2019

A new report has revealed that 40 per cent of drivers are still using their mobile phones whilst in control of a car despite stricter new penalties.

The RAC’s Report on Motoring revealed that drivers are reading texts, checking out social media and even using the internet while the engine is running, a total of 40 per cent in 2018, up two per cent from the previous year.

The huge 40 per cent figure may only apply to when a car is stationary, but amazingly one in five admit to checking their social media while the car is moving.

The youngest age brackets may be the most connected to their mobile phones, but while 76 per cent say they never check their social media while driving in the 17-24 bracket, only 65 per cent admit the same in the 25-34 age bracket.

"As a road policing inspector I see the impact of driver distraction and people are losing their lives as a result of the use of mobile devices by drivers,” said Avon and Somerset Police Inspector Frazer Davey.

“The law is clear on the use of mobile devices in vehicles and police officers across the country will continue to prosecute drivers who choose to drive while distracted on their phones."
The fine for using a handheld device increased in 2017, doubling from three to six penalty points and now comes with a £200 fine, but that does not appear to be deterring drivers. The problem appears to be worst in the nation’s capital with more than half of drivers in London admit that they have used a mobile while driving.