Drivers Unsure Of Speed Limits On Single Carriageway Roads

Tue 19th Mar 2019

Do you know the speed limit on a single carriageway road? Is it 70mph, 50mph? If you don’t know then surprisingly you are in the majority as new research reveals thousands of drivers don’t know the national speed limits.

The research which has been published by HPI Check has found that 43 per cent of 1000 UK drivers think that the national speed limit on a single carriageway is 70mph, when in fact that actual limit is 60mph. A further 29 per cent believe it to be 50mph, which may account for some of the Sunday drivers on the roads.

HPI Check’s research seems to contradict statistics published by the Department for Transport, which say that 60mph roads have the highest speed compliance, with only nine per cent of cars driving on them exceeding the speed limits. The DfT’s figures also show that the lower the actual speed limit, the more likely that the limit will be broken, a worrying 86 per cent of drivers break the 20mph speed limits. HPI Check’s own data backs up this research, with nine out of ten drivers found to be speeding in 20mph zones, following a speed survey check.

“With so many drivers on the road in 2019, it’s hard to believe how many are not abiding by the law when it comes to speed," said HPI Check's consumer marketing director, Fernando Garcia. "Speed limits should always be treated as a matter of paramount importance and ignoring them could risk safety on the roads."

Speeding drivers are most likely to go over the national speed limit in the early hours of the moring, with 4am the peak time according to DfT data. Rush hour sees the quietest time for speeding cars with the clogged roads putting paid to any actual rushing around in cars.