Driving In Europe Just Got Easier

Mon 5th Jul 2021

Bureaucrats from Brussels have for once made the right decision after fears that UK drivers would have to complete complex and confusing paperwork to drive on the continent.

The European Commission had planned to bring in an old-school Green Card for motoring insurance for those who wanted to drive in Europe following Brexit. The document which proves that drivers have third party insurance was thought to be just one of many punitive measures Brits abroad would face, and left drivers in Northern Ireland confused about their rights to drive across the border into Ireland. If the Green Card was introduced it would have meant that those without one will have been fined and could have even seen their car impounded if they did not have the relevant documents.

But the wranglings over how Northern Ireland fits into the Brexit agreement has forced the European Commission’s hand to drop the Green Card to ease relations. The news will be welcome for those who travel to Europe regularly and may have already had to provide a Green Card from their insurers.

“This is excellent news. We have long campaigned for the UK to be part of the Green Card Free Circulation Zone so we warmly welcome the decision by the European Commission today,” said Huw Evans, Director General at the Association of British Insurers.

“The Commission has taken a pragmatic approach on the matter. UK drivers will no longer need to apply for a Green Card through their insurer which will help reduce bureaucracy for drivers and road hauliers travelling between the UK and EU. 

“It will be especially welcomed by motorists in Northern Ireland driving across the border to the Republic of Ireland.”