Driving’s Biggest Failures

Sat 9th Jan 2021

Next time you worry about the number of times it took you to pass your driving test, spare a thought for one UK resident who took 43 attempts.

The 72-year-old male from England holds the record for the most number of practical test fails according to newly published data, the ordeal costing the man £3,225 on tests alone, never mind the number of additional driving lessons. And that is just the practical, one 42 year-old man from England took a ridiculous 158 attempts to pass the driving theory test - a shocking length of time which will have cost the budding driver £3,634, with tests at £23 a go. Drivers must answer 43 questions out of 50 correctly to achieve a pass.

“It's true what they say: If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again,” Mark Tongue from the company which compiled the data.

“Passing your driving test can be one of life's trickiest challenges and it can take some of us many more attempts than others.

“A three-point turn might be your downfall, or perhaps you forget to check your mirrors before making a move. It could be that you haven't remembered the correct stopping distances or even what basic roads signs mean.

“But whether you fail your test once or 157 times, there's no shame in picking yourself up and having another go – and anyone who can do that deserves great credit.”