Drones To Be Included In New Driving Tests?

Tue 4th Sep 2018

More than half of new drivers have said that a major element of the driving test is outdated and needs modernising according to a new study.

The Hazard Perception Test is a major element of the theory element that all drivers must pass before they can take a driving test. But a study by insurers LV has said that 53 per cent of drivers believe that they don’t prepare road users for actual driving conditions.

Drivers believe that the hazard perception should account for potholes, couriers, drones, children on scooters and even vape clouds from car windows.

Heather Smith, managing director of the LV direct business said: “Driving conditions have changed a lot since the hazard perception test was launched 16 years ago.

“New drivers told us that the hazards they experience aren't featured in the test, contributing to them being unprepared for today's roads. We believe that all drivers should feel confident on the road, which is why we are calling on the Government to update the current test.”

The survey questioned 3,489 drivers, including 1,289 who had recently passed their test. 57 per cent said they don’t believe that new drivers are being properly prepared, with 41 per cent saying that potholes was the number one modern concern. Pedestrians with mobile phones was next on the list, vape clouds was chosen by 11 per cent of correspondents.

Kevin Clinton, Head of Safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents supports the call for a more modern test.

“In recent years, more accidents have occurred due to 'modern' driving hazards. For example, year-on-year we have seen an increase in the number of incidents due to potholes.

“Our advice to new drivers is to expect the unexpected. That's why we are supporting LV's call to make sure the hazard perception test is kept relevant so it better-prepares new drivers for the hazards they'll face.”