‘Drowsy Driver’ Tech To Be Law Within Five Years

Tue 17th Dec 2019

New technology which recognises when a driver is falling asleep at the wheel is set to be installed into all new cars from 2022.

The artificial intelligence systems, which are being developed by companies such as Bosch, are already being tested in cars, which monitor how long a driver is not looking at the road.

By using cameras which are installed into the steering wheel and rear-view mirror, the technology can register what are known as ‘microsleeps’, a physiological phenomena where drivers can fall asleep at the wheel for short periods of time, without even realising they have closed their eyes.

The dangers of tired drivers were underlined by a IAM RoadSmart study earlier this year which demonstrated that a car travelling at 70mph will travel 31 metres for every second the driver’s eyes are closed.

The AI technology will also be able to recognise passengers who have not put on their seatbelt or who may be sat in an unsafe position. 

If warning systems are alerted then they may sound alarms of even automatically reduce the speed of the car.

Harald Kroeger, member of the Bosch board who are developing the technology ahead of the EU deadline of 2022, said: “If the car knows what its driver and occupants are doing, driving will become safer and more convenient.

“Cameras and AI will turn the vehicle into a life-saver.

“Bosch driver observation will be essential for safe automated driving.”