Drug Drivers Are Reckless Even When Sober Says Study

Wed 22nd Jan 2020

While drunk and drug drivers are constantly warned about the serious implications of driving under the influence, a major new study has found that marijuana users remain dangerous drivers even when they are not high.

The research by Harvard University and McLean Hospital in the United States studied the effects of smoking marijuana and found that users who use the drug on a recreational basis are more likely to drive faster, speed through red lights, swerve into other lanes of traffic and generally be more involved in accidents than those who don’t smoke cannabis.

While drug drivers can face huge fines, driving bans and jail sentences for being behind the wheel while under the influence, this worrying study shows that smoking the drug can impact the brain’s wiring, making drivers more likely to take risks.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dr Staci Gruber, the senior author of the study said: “People who use cannabis don’t necessarily assume that they may drive differently, even when they’re not high.

“We’re not suggesting that everyone who uses cannabis will demonstrate impaired driving, but it’s interesting that in a sample of non-intoxicated participants, there are still differences in those who use cannabis relative to those who don’t.

“It’s important to be mindful that whether someone is acutely intoxicated, or a heavy recreational cannabis user who’s not intoxicated, there may be an impact on driving, but certainly not everyone demonstrates impairment simply as a function of exposure to cannabis.”