Drug Drivers Will Be Sent To Rehab

Tue 12th Apr 2022

Drug drive road traffic accidents are on the rise and now the Government is introducing plans for compulsory rehabilitation courses for those who are caught offending.

The last five years of recorded data show an alarming rise in drug drive offences, jumping from 1,500 in 2015 to 13,700 in 2020, and with the analysis showing that two out of five are repeat offenders, ministers are calling for tougher action.

While the spike in drug drive offences can mainly be attributed to legislation brought in in March 2015, which allowed police to perform roadside tests for suspected drug use, the issue has long been considered an underestimated social problem.

Those caught drug driving face a one-year ban and an unlimited financial penalty, but they could also be given a six month prison sentence in the worst cases. Those who cause death while under the influence of drugs can receive a prison sentence of up to 14 years.

There were 713 people seriously injured from drug-driving collisions in 2020, and Transport Secretary this week announced plans to crack down on the problem.

“Drink-driving is now rightly seen as a social taboo by most of us in this country and we have worked hard to drive down drink-drive related deaths. 

'But if we are to make our roads safer still, there is no room to be lax on drug-driving, which is why I have launched this call for evidence today.

“It's only right that drug-drivers must undergo rehabilitation before getting back behind the wheel, helping protect the public from this hidden problem and stamping out drug-driving for good.”