E-Pace And Velar Keep Jaguar Land Rover Sales On The Rise

Mon 9th Jul 2018

The launch of the Jaguar E-Pace and Range Rover Velar have kept global sales for the motor brand rising through June, although sales of the company’s other cars dropped.

The increase in sales was just 0.9 per cent, much of which is offset by a huge drop of 9.5 per cent of sales in China, one of the luxury car brand’s biggest markets. Though the Chinese consumer is awaiting a preferable cut in import duties which should make JLR’s vehicles more affordable, worldwide sales of Land Rovers have dropped 1.5 per cent.

Felix Brautigam, Jaguar Land Rover's chief commercial officer, said: “We have seen a positive month for Jaguar ahead of the start of customer deliveries of our Jaguar I-Pace, the car at the forefront of our electric vehicle revolution. Strong retails of the sporty and compact SUV Jaguar E-Pace in Europe, UK and our Overseas region is driving sales performance for the brand, which is up over 6 per cent for the month.”

“Land Rover sales declined slightly in June as China waited for the welcome reduction in import tariffs as of July. This was largely offset by increases in sales in UK, USA and our Overseas region. The award-winning Range Rover Velar continues to make its mark across all regions. Its combination of elegant design and refined capability successfully translates into growing global sales.”

It’s positive news on the new-car front for JLR, the new E-Pace selling 4,525, whilst the Land Rover Velar sold an impressive 5,375. But how much of these new brands are eating into the traditional brands remains to be seen, though a drop in demand for the Evoque, of 31 per cent, may be worrying.

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