Edinburgh Rises To The Top Of The UK’s Congestion Charts

Mon 16th Jul 2018

Drivers in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh are spending more time in congestion than anywhere else in the United Kingdom, and surprisingly London is only third on the list.

The latest research, conducted by vehicle data firm HPI, revealed that those driving in Edinburgh face up to 101 hours of congestion every year, that’s up to four days and five hours stuck in traffic.

Fernando Garcia, Consumer Marketing Director at Hpi Check, said: “When adding up the amount of time spent queuing, it is shocking to see how many days of our lives are wasted sat in traffic every year.

“What stood out to us was the consecutive trend between age group and length of commute, proving that it’s the older generation who are willing to put in those extra hours compared to less patient young adults.

“With an increased employment rate meaning more workers travelling on the roads, combined with major congestion issues, it raises the issue of what can be enforced on our roads to ensure we are not spending valuable days of our lives every year stuck in lengthy queues.”

London has long been the No.1 city for traffic jams, but after dropping to only third on the list, behind Cardiff, there may be signs that congestion measures are finally working in capital.

In the same survey drivers were asked what they believed to be the chief cause of congestion and those question said that traffic lights were the the No.1 culprit. Roadworks, roundabouts and junctions were also rated highly.

The research also said that the older generation are likely to cope better with congestion.