Eight Out Of Ten Drivers Say EVs Are Too Expensive

Thu 21st Jan 2021

The government’s plans to phase out petrol and diesel cars within the next ten years may need a rethink unless manufacturers find a way of reducing their prices says a new report.

The RAC have polled 3,000 of their members in a study, to find out how ready the UK driver is to making the switch to electric, and they found that 78 per cent believe that EVs are too expensive when compared to an ICE vehicle of a similar size.

Whilst there may still be some opposition based on price, the RAC Report on Motoring is still showing a growing interest in car buyers making the switch to battery power. Nine per cent of those asked said they will be going electric next time they buy a car, compared to just three per cent two years ago.

The availability and cost of charging is also a major pressure point when considering an EV. The RAC report says that four out of five drivers would like the government to set a national target on public charge points, and that three in ten believe that the price should be capped.

RAC data insight spokesman Rod Dennis said: “With 2030 now clearly set as the date for the end of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, momentum behind getting more of us into electric vehicles (‘EVs’) is building – and it’s clear that an increasing proportion of drivers are responding, with nearly one-in-10 now planning to opt for a pure electric next time they change their car.

“But the single biggest barrier to a driver choosing an electric car over one powered by petrol or diesel has to be cost. 

"Although good finance leasing deals and offers such as free home charging for a set period can help, it appears to be the case that the price of many new EVs remains prohibitively high for a lot of people, with most drivers keen to see more financial help from the Government to bring costs down.”

The RAC report also found that range is also a major consideration when buying an EV, and though expectations from the consumer currently outweigh ability, the technology is quickly catching up. Most drivers would expect a range of 375 miles, while the current average for the top ten EVs in the UK is only 235 miles.

"While EVs can’t yet match the miles offered by large diesel cars, the situation is improving all the time. And with the average length of most car trips being short, electric cars can probably fit better into people’s lifestyles than many of us might think, especially as many people will be fortunate enough to be able to charge their cars at home,” Dennis continued.