Electric Dreams For Young Passengers

Mon 27th Jun 2022

The age-old trick of getting babies and young children asleep by taking them for a drive in the car has been put to the test with a modern twist, and there’s some revealing answers to the research.

To help launch their Advanced Comfort technologies, French car brand Citroen has studied 2,000 UK parents with babies and young children and found that 56 per cent of those who owned an electric car believe that the kids fall asleep faster in an EV than they did in a petrol or diesel equivalent. Only 11 per cent believed it was harder to get to sleep in an EV, while 15 per cent were undecided.

The survey found that almost half (44%) had take their child on a short car journey to help them fall asleep, but it had been assumed that the vibrations from an engine played a part. But with an EV lacking an engine there may be other factors at play.

The gentle movements of the car are believed to be the biggest factor (46%), but a comfortable temperature (41%) and comfortable car seat (40%) are also high on the list.

Citroen believe that their near-silent driving experience in their electrified models is perfect for a sleep for children.

“For new parents, getting their baby off to sleep is often a challenge,” said Eurig Druce, Citroen UK’s Managing Director. “Taking a child for a short drive in a car is a tried and tested method for many parents, and our research shows it can help younger children fall asleep quicker than at home. The smooth and silent drive from electric vehicles creates an even more calming environment for children and parents alike. Citroën is committed to offering an electrified variant of every vehicle in the range by 2025. So, everyone can rest assured, our models will continue to provide a calm and relaxing experience for the whole family for many years to come.”