Electric Shock For Drivers

Wed 17th Feb 2021

The unpredictable cost of charging an electric car across the UK has been revealed as providers seem to be making up their prices on a whim.

New research from What Car? Shows that there is no consistency or clear rules on what an EV owner might expect to pay for wattage, with a full charge on a BMW iX3 ranging from £40.66 to £9.32 across the country.

With some providers charging by the minute and others charging as a per kilowatt, the disparity in costs is sure to confuse many drivers, and won’t give potential EV owners much confidence in making the switch. Costs could be even more different when monthly subscription fees are taken into account for some networks. However, it is clear the drivers in London on the Source London Flexi tariff are paying the top rates.

Those who are able to charge their electric vehicle on a 7kw charge with BP Pulse PAYG will get the best deal, charged at a cost per unit of just 18p per kilowatt, and no subscription fee.

The variance in prices is sure to shock many EV owners, particularly as there isn’t much difference in an electric watt, whereas some petrol and diesel providers may claim that their fuel is better for your car.

What Car? editor Steve Huntingford said: “Unlike petrol and diesel prices, which are relatively stable across the country, tariffs for the UK’s public charging network can vary wildly due to different electricity and subscription fees. Our research highlights the importance of doing your research before you leave home to find the most cost-effective way to make your journey.”