Electric Vehicles Not Wanted Says BMW Chief

Wed 26th Jun 2019

A top director at luxury car brand, BMW has said that the European market is not interested in electric vehicles, citing lifestyle and infrastructure concerns.

Speaking to Forbes magazine, BMW’s Director of Development, Klaus Frölich, said that the company will continue with a range of plug-in hybrids, as their customers don’t have an appretite for all-electric.

“There are no customer requests for BEVs [battery-electric vehicles]. None. There are regulator requests for BEVs, but no customer requests,” Frölich said.

“If we have a big offer, a big incentive, we could flood Europe and sell a million (BEV) cars but Europeans won’t buy these things.

“From what we see, BEVs are for China and California and everywhere else is better off with PHEVs [plug-in hybrid vehicles] with good EV range.”

While the German manufacturer recently announced plans for 25 electrified models by 2025, these will be a mix of both BEVs and hybrids. 

Frölich argues that the European customer differs from China and North America in that most only have one car and need it to perform all duties, and the limited range of EVs holds back Europeans from considering it.

He said: “You have to pay for range, this is what people don’t seem to understand. The difference between 350km and 600km of BEV range will be 10,000 euros. You put them both out there and see how many people will buy the 600km car.”