EU Laws Could Add £100 To A Trip To The Garage

Thu 22nd Jul 2021

New European legislation could see unbranded car parts made illegal, forcing independent garages to charge for the more expensive parts from an official manufacturer in a move which could add an extra £100 on to our yearly repair bills.

Small independent garages have often been able to undercut big brand franchise garages and official dealers by using cheaper ‘aftermarket’ parts, but with the EU consulting on rules which might ban this practice, mechanics would be left with little choice but to use official parts. These branded parts could cost the industry an extra £2.4bn a year.

A post-Brexit deal would mean that British law would follow European law, unless regulators in the UK intervene. It’s a situation which Andy Hamilton, CEO of Euro Car Parts, wants dealing with immediately.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Hamilton said: “We urgently need to understand what the CMA’s plans are, otherwise British drivers risk being driven into a monopoly that will cost them nearly £100 a year and much more in future. 


"Ministers must intervene to expedite the issue. If not, Britons up and down the country will have to fork out £2.4bn in extra costs that go straight into the hands of car manufacturers - many of which charge a large premium for fixing their vehicles.

“Independent garages consistently rank higher for customer satisfaction than the franchised dealers, offering a local ‘all-makes’ service at a competitive price – critically, which can be flexed depending on the parts the driver is comfortable paying for.”