Europe’s Top Petrol Prices Revealed

Mon 13th Jun 2022

As the cost of filling an average sized family car with petrol passes £100, there appears to be no end to the worries for refuelling, but for those wanting to take a holiday from the cost of living crisis, beware, as things might be even worse on the continent.

It’s not often that we can even consider that prices across the English channel might be more expensive than they are on these shores, however it might surprise many to learn that the UK is only ninth in a list of the most expensive petrol price countries in Europe.

A study by Carmoney has found that fuel prices have jumped by 55 per cent in the last five years, but spare a thought for drivers in Finland, who are currently paying a whopping £2.41 a litre. And high petrol prices appear to be a Scandinavian issue, so Finnish drivers can’t save too much money by popping across the border to refuel, as Norway is £2.26 a litre, Denmark is £2.12 a litre and Sweden is £1.91.

It will be little comfort to the British driver though, knowing that only Greece, Holland, Iceland and Germany have more expensive petrol. The massive rises are felt even harder by the fact that the pandemic lockdowns actually saw prices fall to just £1.14 a litre, which shows how steeply they have climbed since the Spring of 2020.

Andrew Marshall, marketing & partnerships manager at Carmoney said: “While we are aware of the volatile pricing nature of the petrol costs in the UK, it’s interesting to see how other countries are faring during this period too.

"The ongoing chip shortage is a problem that is still impacting the new and used car markets, alongside the bottleneck in supply chains and conflict in Ukraine, the UK finds itself amid another petrol crisis with no end in sight.

"We would recommend that motorists seek to find the cheapest fuel costs in their local areas, limit travel or explore carsharing and public transport options in a bid to save money on petrol and diesel expenses.”