EV Cable Pain Continues

Tue 5th Jul 2022

Car manufacturers’ expansive claims about the capabilities of their fleet of electric cars very often relate to the prospective range of the vehicles, but a consumer car blog is asking more to be done about the issue of EV charging cables.

The boom in electric vehicles has been seen by many to be a positive for the industry, with thousands of happy customers taking advantage of cheaper journeys, and in turn helping the government meet its green targets.

But there is growing concern over the current UK infrastructure, and worries that some manufacturers are misleading potential EV buyers, particularly when it comes to purported superfast charging speeds.

Many brands claim that the car can be charged at rates of 150kW, however those rates can only be met with a specialist cable and a superfast charger at selected charging point. The charging rates at home are much more likely to be within the 7kW to 22kW range, and even less for those who have to use a standard three point plug.

“What was most striking to us is how difficult it is to get useful information out of car companies about EV charging. This creates confusion for customers trying to work out whether an EV could be suitable for their needs,” said Stuart Masson, editorial director at The Car Expert.

“This situation is bewildering and it can be very difficult to even get the information at all. We tasked two people with finding out what cables come standard with every new EV on sale in the UK and it proved to be a genuinely difficult exercise. We also had press offices and dealership staff giving out different information from their company websites or brochures, suggesting that many people within the car companies don’t even know what they’re selling.”

The Car Expert has called on the government to encourage the motor industry to standardise charging cables, to be able to charge at a minimum of 22kW and for the cable length to be at least six metres in length.