EV Charger Boom Predicted

Tue 7th Jul 2020

There could be more than 350,000 homes in the UK fitted with electric vehicle charging points by 2025 according to one of the industry’s leading providers.

Charge point provider Andersen have been manufacturing stylish home charging solutions for a number of years and with an expected one million electric vehicles expected to be on the UK road network within the next five years, the infrastructure to cope with demand will need to be significantly increased.

There are currently 120,000 EV chargers installed in UK homes, but analysis of sales trends by Anderson has found that with current installation rates there could realistically be 362,270 by 2025.

The coronavirus pandemic has heightened the need for greener living and both EVs and PHEV sales have remained buoyant in 2020 despite lockdown, to such an extent that one in seven new cars sold in Europe is not not just a combustion engine.

Jerome Faissat, Commercial Director of Andersen, said: “At Andersen, we’re in no doubt that electric vehicles are the future. As we move towards a ‘new normal’ in the wake of the coronavirus, we’ve seen clear evidence that people want to change their habits so that they can move forward in a way that is more mindful.

“Over the past three months, pollution has fallen in our cities and we’ve enjoyed the cleanest air we’ve had in decades, and it’s inspired many to rethink the way they get around. We’re seeing people vote with their feet – as they make the switch to an electric car, bike or scooter.

“Going electric is more than an ethical choice. It’s a choice to embrace the future. Our message is clear: If we work together, we can help encourage take up of electric vehicles and make our communities cleaner and safer.”