EV Customers To Get Fair Energy Deal

Tue 7th Sep 2021

Great Britain’s energy regulator, Ofgem, has unveiled a plan which will ensure that those who switch to an electric vehicle get a fair deal from the electricity providers as more people go green.

With millions of EVs expected to be on our roads and charging at homes over the next decade, the energy and electricity market is set to undergo one if its most turbulent times as it looks to adapt to the changes.

In order to continue to encourage conversion from fossil fuels to zero-emission electric transport, Ofgem is keen that the estimated 14 million vehicles are rewarded for making the switch.

Under the watchdog’s proposals, Ofgem want energy providers to adopt smart charging technology which will allow vehicles to provide energy back into the grid when demand rises, transforming vehicles into mobile power plants. The guidelines from Ofgem suggest that if enough cars sign up to sell their electricity back into the grid, the UK could avoid having to build up to 10 large nuclear power stations.

Other proposals from Ofgem include investing £300m to develop the EV infrastructure, bringing down the costs for electric vehicle charging stations, pushing forward the technology for faster smart charging and helping keep energy bills lower for customers overall.

“Electric vehicles will revolutionise the way we use energy and provide consumers with new opportunities, through smart products, to engage in the energy market to keep their costs as low as possible,” said Neil Kenward, Ofgem’s Director of Strategy and Decarbonisation.


“Our electric vehicle priorities not only provide a way to meet our climate change targets but importantly offers ways to protect consumers from rising bills, through a three-prong approach of  increased use of electric vehicles, smart charging and vehicle-to-grid technology which together can help drive down costs for all GB bill payers.”