EV Drivers Could Get Energy Shock

Wed 10th Aug 2022

The great energy crisis which is driving household bills to astronomical levels shows no sign of disappearing from the horizon, and now EV owners, who thought they had escaped one element of the pain, could now be hit as well.

Because while electric battery owners can take comfort in the fact that they don’t have to pay for the extremely high petrol and diesel they could be a victim of the rising cost of electricity.

Now, Ohme EV, a technology company hoping to provide smart charging solutions at home, have warned EV owners to be on the lookout for smart tariffs, otherwise they will be paying through the nose for their electricity.

The hike in gas and electricity bills promises to jump even higher in the autumn and winter, with the energy caps rising by 77 per cent in October. But there are special tarrifs for EV owners, but you can only take advantage of them if you know about them.

For example, a OVO Energy Drive+Anywhere Tariff which is specially adapted for charging an EV can deliver 6800 miles of mileage for £85 a year. The equivalent distance on a standard variable tariff might cost as much as £1,020.

 “It’s great that so many drivers have made the switch to an electric vehicle, but if they’re not already on an off-peak tariff, those drivers need to quickly review their options to protect themselves from these future wholesale price rises,” said David Watson, chief executive of Ohme.

“Our advice at Ohme is to speak to your existing electricity supplier and see if they offer an off-peak tariff such as Octopus or OVO Energy.

“If they don’t, then look at switching suppliers to one that does so that you can off-set the impacts of these significant price increases that experts are predicting.”

In addition to saving you wallet hundreds of pounds, the Ohme charger could also help save the planet, by ensuring that drivers only charge their car when renewable energy generation is at its highest on the national grid.