EV Driving Tests On The Rise

Thu 15th Sep 2022

The changing face of motoring has been underlined by a new report which suggests that more and more people are taking their driving tests in electric cars, and the analysis suggests that very soon the majority of tests will be taken in this way.

Emma Loveday, an EV consultant with Volkswagen Financial Services UK, says that environmentally conscious consumers opting for automatic vehicles will soon result in young people learning to drive in automatic vehicles, which is what is currently happening.

From 2009/19 to 2019/20, data from the DVSA reveals that the number of motorists taking practical tests in an automatic vehicle increased by 183%. The number of those who passed increased by 187% over the same period.

Industry experts reason that the rise in electric vehicle automatic tests is a result of people seeking more environmentally friendly transportation.

“We know that Gen Z and Millennial drivers are keen to go green and it looks like this demand is manifesting itself in more young people wanting to make an EV their first car – and therefore taking lessons and passing their driving test in automatic vehicles,” Loveday said. “It’s been well documented that climate change, the environment and preservation of the planet is very much an issue that young people are concerned about. This is evidence of that awareness and desire to make greener choices as a young consumer.

“By 2030 the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned, and with electric cars being automatic by design, we shouldn’t be surprised by a surge in demand from young people learning to drive in an automatic. I imagine this trend will actually be the norm, and not the exception, sooner than we expect, and it’s up to the automotive industry to help facilitate this shift in consumer behaviour.”