EV Less Stressed Says Study

Mon 13th Jun 2022

Driving an electric vehicle is a less stressful experience than driving a petrol or a diesel says the findings of a new report.

DS Automobiles surveyed 2,000 UK drivers and found that 78 per cent had experienced some form of stress while driving. But those feelings of stress are much less likely if behind the wheel of a hybrid or electric car, with 38 per cent of owners saying that they are less stressed behind a low emissions car than they were when driving petrol or diesel.

Almost one in three drivers admit that a stressful drive can adversely affect their driving ability, making them more prone to rash decisions and be less aware of potential hazards.

The DS study also found that features aimed at reducing stress are an important consideration, with 20 per cent admitting that this is something they think about before buying a car.

“At times, driving can be as stressful as it is enjoyable, but one of the many benefits of switching to electric is that it can help drivers feel more relaxed behind the wheel,” said Jules Tilstone, managing director of DS Automobiles UK.

“Since 2019, DS has offered an electrified version of every model in our line-up, and from 2024 will only launch fully electric vehicles. Combined with French luxury savoir-faire and innovative technology, DS offers drivers a memorable, stress-free driving experience.”

A quiet and refined drive is one of the key solutions to making a stress-free drive, with 41 per cent admitting that this helps calm them down. Home comforts are also important, with 52 per cent agreeing that comfortable seats help relieve stress. The DS survey didn’t ask whether the spiralling cost of petrol and diesel adds to the stress of owning a non-EV car.