Ever Wondered What The UK’s Top Selling Car Is?

Wed 31st Jan 2018

It may be an old cliché, but it’s one formed from facts, a nation’s favourite car often reflects the population that drives them. But the key determining factor related to the car a nation drives has nothing to do with looks, or style, it’s all about the manufacturers which reside predominantly in that country. So Germans drive Volkswagens, Swedes drive Volvos and yes, Italians drive Fiats.

But what about the countries that have no traditional car brand related to their nation? The UK struggles for a car identity, that’s why we drive Ford Fiesta’s. Ireland’s favourite car? The Hyundai of course.

As the United Kingdom careers headlong towards Brexit, we catch up with our European neighbours to find out the best selling cars across the continent*.

Austria – Volkswagen Golf
Belgium – Volkswagen Golf
Croatia – Skoda Octavia
Czechia – Skoda Octavia
Denmark – Peugeot 208
Estonia – Skoda Octavia
Finland – Skoda Octavia
France – Renault Clio
Germany – Volkswagen Golf
Greece – Toyota Yaris
Hungary – Suzuki Vitara
Ireland – Hyundai Tucson
Italy – Fiat Panda
Latvia – Nissan Qashqai
Lithuania – Fiat 500
Luxembourg – Volkswagen Golf
Netherlands – Renault Clio
Norway – Volkswagen Golf
Poland – Skoda Octavia
Portugal – Renault Clio
Romania – Dacia Logan
Slovakia – Skoda Fabia
Slovenia – Peugeot 3008
Spain – Seat Ibiza
Sweden – Volvo XC60
Switzerland – Skoda Octavia
UK – Ford Fiesta

So as the United Kingdom prepares to head off into the Brexit distance full of love for Henry Ford’s signature Fiesta, the rest of Europe gets to squabble over the merits of the Volkswagen Golf against the Skoda Octavia.

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*Survey stats provided by market analysts JATO Dynamics