Every Little Helps For EV Drivers

Wed 3rd Nov 2021

Motorists with electric cars can expect to take more than their shopping home with them when they visit one of the major supermarkets, with an influx of charging points ensuring that car can leave with a full charge.

Analysis from Zap-Map and the RAC has found that almost 2,000 charge points have been added to mainstream supermarkets over the last two years, with Tesco leading the way, with 922 chargers now available to shoppers free of charge thanks to a partnership with Volkswagen and Pod Point.

The boost in chargers means that supermarkets now accounts for eight per cent of the UK’s 26,000 public chargers and there are 1,300 supermarkets with at least one EV charging device.

While Volkswagen and Pop Point haven’t quite achieved their target of installing 2,400 charging points into Tesco stores, the grocery giant added 641 devices in the last two years, giving it a total of 922. Morrisons are also to be commended as they have the most number of rapid charge points, which should ensure a shopper can get a full charge during the average 45 minute shop.

Melanie Shufflebotham of Zap-Map said: “These facilities will be good both for 'top-up' charging and as a replacement for home charging.

“As we move towards 2030, it will be important for supermarkets not only to accelerate this roll-out but also to ensure that the consumer experience is as good as possible by providing 'open access' and simple payment options.”
RAC director of EVs Sarah Winward-Kotecha said: “While the majority of drivers going electric will be fortunate enough to be able to charge easily on their driveways at home, for the remainder it won’t be so easy so having access to free, or affordable, charging facilities at supermarkets is very important, and could even help accelerate EV take-up in the first place.

“Rapid charge points, in particular, make it possible to run an EV easily without access to a home charger as drivers can get their cars topped up in the time it takes them to do their weekly shop. We call on all the supermarket chains to let their customers know what to expect when it comes to EV charging provision and recognise the vital role they play in encouraging many more drivers to opt for electric cars next time they change their vehicles.”