EVs Are A Turn-Off For Female Drivers

Sat 27th May 2023

Women don’t dream of electric cars, and that could have a negative impact on the government’s 2030 zero emission ambitions says new analysis.

A new report from Auto Trader suggests that a gender gap is emerging in the electric vehicle market, as women are deterred from purchasing such cars.

Several factors are unintentionally preventing women from transitioning to electric vehicles, according to research.

The study recommends that car dealers and manufacturers improve their marketing strategies by addressing concerns related to charging and battery life.

The automotive sector should prioritise highlighting the economic advantages of electric vehicles to appeal to female consumers and increase their presence in sales locations.

Auto Trader's report suggests that the limited interest of female drivers in electric vehicles could impede the widespread adoption of such vehicles, particularly as the UK government's 2030 deadline to prohibit the sale of petrol and diesel cars draws near.

Auto Trader conducted a survey of 4,000 drivers in the UK, revealing that 70% of female respondents expressed distrust towards car dealerships, while 43% expressed distrust towards car brands.

“You’d be forgiven for assuming the advent of electric cars, with their more lifestyle-oriented stories around sustainable materials, enhanced services and carbon footprints, would fundamentally change women’s relationship with cars for the better,” said Auto Trader editorial director Erin Baker. 

“And yet, as our new data shows, the gender gap is widening.

“Addressing the issues raised in this report should help a large chunk of UK drivers to feel confident enough to take that leap. Without action, adoption will falter.”