EVs Very Rarely Run Out Of Power Says AA

Sat 28th May 2022

Worries about your battery running flat while driving an electric vehicle are unfounded according to latest data from one of the UK’s biggest motoring organisations.

The AA whose breakdown assistance vans visit thousands of broken down cars every year have published figures which show that annual callouts for EV batteries running flat has halved in less than a year.

Data showed that eight per cent of AA call-outs in 2020 was for a flat battery on an EV, but that has dropped to four per cent in 2021 and even then many of those aren’t actually completely out of charge but are concerned that they might not make it to the next available charging point.

With chargers now more readily available across the UK it is hoped that range anxiety will now be a thing of the past, particularly with data from Scandinavian countries such as Norway are showing even better figures. Norway has a higher proportion of EV vehicles than the UK, and has a call out rate of just one per cent.

“Drivers shouldn't get hung up about range anxiety because it doesn't match reality,” said AA President Edmund King.

“Of course, improvements can and are being made to the charging infrastructure but a little planning can take you a very long way.

“We are also now seeing EVs with much longer ranges and most new EVs can do at least 250 miles.

“Pretty soon, we will think of older diesel cars in the same way we now think about smoking on the top deck of a bus.”

According to the AA analysis, the most common call-out reasons for EVs are the same as those for combustion engines, for a flat 12v battery and tyre problems.