Exeter Is The EV Capital Of The UK

Wed 15th Jan 2020

While the growth of electric vehicle sales continues through the last 12 months, a new report has revealed which areas of the country are taking to the revolution faster than others.

Figures released by the DVLA at the end of 2019 show that the south coast city of Exeter saw the biggest growth in electric vehicles, with a surge of 157% on the previous year moving from 464 registered in Q3 2018 to 1,194 in Q3 2019.

Warwick and Newham also saw growth of more than 100% while others areas of the UK such as Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Islington and Tower Hamlets were also ahead of the curve.

There were some areas of the country which at first glance seemed slow on the uptake, with Sunderland showing the lowest increase, however it is worth remembering that Nissan’s factory in the north east may have seen residents in that area actually adopting EVs earlier than anyone else due to the Nissan LEAF being launched way back in 2011.

Alex Buttle, director of Motorway which produced the report, said: "The government is now under tremendous pressure to encourage motorists to move to electric cars and other forms of ultra-low emissions vehicles in time for the 2040 switchover.

“According to recent SMMT figures, 10% of UK new car sales are now in the alternative fuel categories (including electric and hybrid variants combined), however, pure electric registrations still only make up around 2% of the total number of new car sales.

“While they are cheap to run and most owners are keen to drive less-polluting cars, too many people who rely on their vehicles for work and leisure, are holding off making the switch while there are question marks around the charging infrastructure and the initial outlay of moving to an EV."