Experts Baffled By Shape-Shifting Road

Tue 22nd Mar 2022

Motorists in the UK have been warned to steer clear from a section of the highway in Wiltshire, nicknamed ‘the most dangerous road’ in Britain due to its badly damaged tarmac which is constantly warping and moving.

Many parts of the B4069 near Lyneham are so badly damaged that skateboarders and BMX bikers have been using the 45 degree sections as ramps to perform tricks on an ad-hoc skate park.

But police have warned that the road, which has been closed since February, is too dangerous for any traffic, and that until the unexplained movements have stopped, they can’t even investigate as it is too precarious. 

While Wiltshire Council appear baffled by the earthquake-like road surface, local residents have claimed that landslips in the area over the last 12 months are to blame.

Local council member for transport, Dr Mark McClelland has warned to stay away from the road, while experts work out how to fix what is likely to be a costly problem.

"The B4069 at Lyneham Banks is extremely dangerous, and people should not try to access it either in a vehicle or on foot,” he said on BBC Radio Wiltshire.

"The land is still slipping, and anyone who accesses the site on foot could easily trip on the uneven ground or get caught in a more serious landslide.

"Anyone who accesses the site is also in breach of the traffic order and could be prosecuted.

"The underlying ground has slipped and we need to understand why that has happened.

"The police have been very clear that it's very dangerous for motorists to ignore signage."