Extension Cables Making EV Charging Dangerous Says Report

Thu 30th May 2019

Three out of four electric vehicle owners admit to charging their car using an extension lead, which could be compromising the safety of users.

EV owners are warned about the dangers of using multi-socket extension cables, which can be dangerous when used outdoors, and even though nine out of ten are aware of the risk of electric shock or fire, of the 1,500 EV owners surveyed by Electrical Safety First, 74 per cent admitted to using an extension lead to connect their main supply to their car. More worryingly, the figures reveal that 50 per cent even admit that they have used an extension when it is raining.

Martyn Allen, technical director at Electrical Safety First, said: “Our research shows a direct link between a lack of electric vehicle infrastructure and vehicle owners charging dangerously.

“A modern Britain also needs to be a safe one and Electrical Safety First is urging the government and local authorities to ensure that the infrastructure is in place to support the rapid increase in numbers of electric vehicles on our roads.

“With regards to consumers, we warn EV users against giving in to the temptation to use standard domestic extension leads to charge their vehicles outside, and never to “daisy-chain” them together.”

With an estimated seven million electric vehicles expected to be on the roads by 2030, financial consultants Deloitte warned this week that the UK infrastructure requires £1.6bn of investment to help supply an additional 28,000 EV charging points.