Extortionate Fuel Prices Add To Cost Of Christmas

Sun 22nd Dec 2019

If Christmas isn’t already expensive enough, a new survey has revealed that the average a motorist will spend on fuel over the festive period is £280.

With extra runs to the shops, driving across country to see family and friends, and last minute gift journeys a study conducted by EDF Energy has found that with 28 million drivers hitting the roads, the overall cost of fuel will be a huge £7.8bn.

And while the cost of petrol has dropped over the last month, it hasn’t stopped many drivers choosing to use their cars less, with 40 per cent of those polled suggesting that petrol and diesel is too expensive. However more than a third of drivers will have no choice but to make those Christmas journeys as they are dependent on their cars over other forms of public transport at this time of year.

EDF Energy’s survey comes in a week when a Daily Mail investigation found that some motorway services are charging 36p more per litre of fuel compared to non-motorway petrol stations, meaning that a typical family car costs £20 more to fill-up at a motorway services.

Philippe Commaret, managing director for customers at EDF Energy said: “Christmas is a busy time, and we often spend hours in the car visiting friends and family and running last minute errands.

“But the extra miles we travel this month can cause fuel costs and carbon emissions to increase.

“Concerns about cost and the environment are causing some people to restrict their driving this festive period - but by switching to an electric vehicle, motorists could save money and do their bit for the planet.”