Eye-Watering Fuel Price Rises Are Highest In A Decade

Tue 8th Jun 2021

British motorists are enduring some of highest year-on-year prices rises at the petrol pump as the month of May saw a seventh consecutive jump in the cost of filling up your car.

The average price of unleaded petrol is now 129.27p a litre, the highest cost for almost two years and 22p a litre higher than at the same point last year.

Whilst the global lockdown saw a slump in the price of oil in 2020, the barrel has certainly bounced back and prices have risen by 2p in the last month. Diesel prices too are even higher, at 131.59p on average.

“After seven consecutive months of rising prices drivers will be wondering if the increases are ever going to end,” said Simon Williams, fuel spokesman for the RAC. 

“We've now witnessed the biggest petrol price rise in any 12-month period since May 2010 when unleaded rocketed from 99p a year earlier to 121p.

“Looking at the wholesale price of both fuels, in normal circumstances unleaded definitely shouldn’t be continuing to rise with the numbers actually pointing to the potential for a 2p reduction. And diesel is currently 4p too expensive which suggests retailers are using the saving in the wholesale price to help make up for lower fuel sales over the last year,' he explained.

“We urge retailers not to take advantage of drivers and fairly reflect what’s happening with wholesale prices on the country’s forecourts.”

Supermarkets remain the cheapest option for purchasing fuel, while motorists are warned to avoid motorway services wherever possible as prices are 146.78p per litre of petrol.