Ferrari Will Never Be All Electric Says CEO

Wed 4th Nov 2020

Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari has promised its legions of fans that they will be building internal combustion engine cars for decades to come.

The news came straight from the Prancing Horse’s mouth, so to speak, with CEO Louis Camilleri announcing that he doesn’t even expect to see 50 per cent of the Ferrari line-up being made up from electric vehicles in his lifetime.

Whilst that news may fall flat with many environmental campaigners and decision makers in government, the Ferrari boss is more keen to please the fans who love the rev of a petrol engine.

In a conference call this week, Camilleri admitted that the company are looking to recreate the distinctive roar of a supercar engine, for their future EVs, but that they would never ditch the real thing.

"To retain the Ferrari DNA, the EV will actually be significantly more complex than you are assuming," Camilleri said "And that's clearly something that we're working on. But just to have a standard EV and put the cavallino [horse emblem] on it is not what we're all about. It will be a pretty complex machine.

“My own sense is that to sort of say '100% electric,' that's pushing things. I really don't see Ferrari ever being at 100% EV. And certainly not in my lifetime will it reach even 50%."

The sound of the engine on an EV has been a conundrum many motor manufacturers have tackled as they look to the future, but a supercar engine demands a certain acoustic according to the 65-year-old Ferrari boss.

“It's really the depth of the sound and the gradation of the sound that's key. ... Sound is, in terms of all the consumer research we have, one of the key elements. And clearly, it is a big priority. We've done a lot of work on that, and we feel comfortable that that is certainly one of the aspects that we can address."