Fiat 500 Best Small Car Once Again

Wed 18th May 2022

There are many imitators for the iconic design and style of the Fiat 500, but very few superminis can get near the Italian city, which has once again been named Best Small Car at the annual Autocar Awards.

Now in its third generation, and fully electric, the 500 impressed the Autocar judges with its affordability, cute and distinctive design and impressive battery range of 199 miles -  the longest of an electric city car on the market.

The new Fiat 500 has history with the Autocar Awards, last year the car’s designer Klaus Busse, won the Design Hero accolade for this work on the car.

Speaking about the reasons behind the win, Mark Tisshaw, editor of Autocar said: “The 500 shows the direction for all small electric cars. Our roads aren’t getting any wider, and the 500’s dimensions are as useful on Turin’s streets as they are down an English country lane. The battery in the floor has banished any top-heaviness, and the stiff suspension, pointy steering and impressive lateral grip give the responses a keen driver wants.”

First produced by the Italian manufacturer in 1957, the 500 or Cinquecento sold almost 4 million units before being withdrawn in 1975.

A new look 500 was relaunched in 2007 to great acclaim, labelled the World’s Most Beautiful Automobile by design Italia.

The latest iteration is on its way to collecting plenty of acclaim also.

“At the end of February, New 500 scooped it’s 25th award,” said Greg Taylor, UK Managing Director for Fiat and Abarth. “Less than three months later, this award from Autocar marks the 30th accolade that our first, fully-electric car has picked up. This milestone pays homage to the exceptional work of our designers and engineers that have made the New 500 as impressionable as it is amongst our customers and industry experts.”