Fiat To Go All-Electric Next Month

Tue 7th Jun 2022

Italian brand Fiat has taken the bold step of removing all non-electrified vehicles from sale in the UK, effective almost immediately.

With more than 60 per cent of Fiat’s line-up available as an electric option last year, the company are hoping to give consumers a simple choice of having an electric option on every available model.

Fiat’s EV journey began with the 500 Hybrid and the Panda Hybrid, followed by the fully-electric 500 and then more recently the 500X and Tipo Hybrid. The Fiat 500 and Panda will lose the option of a 1.2 litre petrol engine from next month, and will be offered a 1.0 litre hybrid unit, with the 500X and Tip already announced that they are receiving a hybrid powertrain.

The new powertrain is the first which can completely disconnect, and according to Fiat literature can remain idle for 47 per cent of the time, this emissions are 11 per cent lower.

Greg Taylor, Fiat and Abarth UK Managing Director, commented: “This step in Fiat’s history marks a pivotal point in our commitment to providing affordable and sustainable mobility solutions for all of our customers. The move lends itself to our vehicles which are suited to urban areas, spearheaded by the popularity of the New 500.”

Last year saw the biggest annual increase in electric vehicle registrations with an 88.3% increase in BEV, a 43% increase in HEV, and an 18.5% increase in MHEV (YTD 2022)*.  With 30 international awards to date, the fully-electric New 500 is the best-selling electric city car in eleven countries and the second best-selling electric car in any segment in Europe, behind only Tesla. In Italy and France, it is the best-selling electric model ever, while it ranks second in Germany, the largest electric car market in Europe. It continues its journey that began in Europe, moving into Brazil and Japan.