First All-Electric Car Charging Hub Set For Summer Opening

Mon 16th Mar 2020

More than 100 rapid EV charging hubs dedicated solely to electric vehicles are set to be launched at key locations across the UK later this year.

Braintree in Essex will see the first ‘Electric Forecourt’ home to 24 EV superchargers offering charge speeds of 350kw, developed using sustainable energy from power company Gridserve.

Powered by solar power and other battery storage solutions, the Electric Forecourts will be located near busy routes and powerful grid connections, close to major towns and cities.

With a full charge taking on average 30 minutes, the forecourts will also be a place for drivers to relax and recuperate with each site set-up like a traditional services including a range of shops. The forecourts will also include education centres to provide the latest information on electric cars and sustainable energy.

James Cleverly, Minister of State and MP for Braintree, said: “Our Government is committed to increasing the take-up of electric vehicles to clean our air and enable us to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“Gridserve’s Electric Forecourt, close to Braintree, is pioneering the world-class charging infrastructure that we need to support our policies and will inspire people in towns and cities throughout the country to have the confidence to make the move to sustainable transport”.

The first site, which is near Stansted Airport, was made possible due to a £4.86 million grant from Innovate UK. The company aims to have 100 Electric Forecourts within the next five years.

Toddington Harper, CEO and founder of Gridserve, added: “We’ve designed our Electric Forecourts entirely around the needs of electric vehicle drivers, updating the petrol station model for a net-zero carbon future. Many more people want to buy electric vehicles but are worried about how to charge them. We will help solve that challenge and deliver the confidence needed to make the switch to electric transport.

“This will be the most advanced charging facility in the UK and possibly the world. Drivers will be able to turn up and charge their vehicle at the fastest rate each vehicle can support, using 100 per cent renewable energy, and with the best possible charging experience.”