First Time Pass Drivers Statistically Safer Says Research

Wed 8th Jul 2020

New research published by one of the UK’s leading insurance comparison websites has found that drivers who pass their test first time are less likely to have an accident in their driving lifetime.

The analysis by MoneySupermarket found that those who pass their test on their first attempt have, on average 1.6 accidents, while those who take up to six tests have 6.6 bumps in their car. The poll of 2,000 drivers also revealed that of the first-time pass group, 36 per cent had never had an accident since passing their test, and more than half hadn’t had an accident in their first three years of driving.

There appears to be a clear sliding scale of accidents relating to the amount of tests you take, with those who took five driving tests admitting to five incidents in their first three years on the roads.

MoneySupermarket’s research also looked at the areas of the UK most likely to pass first time, with the West Midlands seemingly having the best drivers with the most drivers passing first time, even though motorists in Wales have fewest accidents over their driving lifetime.

“Many people have long argued whether the number of driving tests you take has any bearing on the safety of your driving,” said Dave Merrick of MoneySupermarket.

“Our research indicates that it does, with over a third of those who pass first time being accident free.

“If you've had an accident in the past, it could mean that you're paying more for your car insurance – an accident can add up to £75 to your car insurance premium.”