Flying Cars Set To Go Into Production – Would You Buy One?

Wed 31st Jan 2018

The car of the skies is one step closer to reality after Dutch firm Pal V announced that it will showcase its flying car at March’s Geneva International Motor Show.

Called the Liberty, the vehicle, which can be used for road use and flight, will reach top speeds of 100 mph on the road and 112 mph in the air. In terms of fuel economy, it is expected to return 31 mpg and will consume 6.9 gallons of fuel per hour in the air. The vehicle is designed to seat one driver and a passenger.

The vehicle is set to receive final safety certification after the Geneva Motor Show  and could go into production later in the year with a retail ticket of $599,000 for a Liberty ‘Pioneer Edition’ which will be special models limited to just 90 units. The regular Liberty Sport models, will carry a price tag of $399,000.

Pal V is confident they will meet all safety certifications, though as to how the flying car will fit in to existing transport regulations is yet to be discussed.

Pal V’s car follows on from similar announcements from companies such as Italian firm Lazzarini and Oregon based Samson, both of who are promising production models in the very near future.

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