Focus and Fiesta To Go Electric

Tue 26th Mar 2019

Ford Motor Group has taken a huge step towards an electrified future by announcing a huge range of EV and hybrid vehicles, including their most popular models, the Focus and Fiesta.

The announcement is part of a ‘comprehensive and compelling line-up of Ford Hybrid and all-electric cars, SUV’s and commercial vehicles,’ according to group vice president and president for Europe, Middle East and Africa for Ford, Steven Armstrong.

“Our new Fiesta and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid models are examples of Ford’s commitment to deliver new, more environmentally sustainable vehicles, sophisticated technologies, and valued services for our customers, and we have many more examples to announce in Amsterdam next week and beyond.

“We’ve gone to every length to develop mild-hybrid powertrains for two of our most popular cars that will help keep cash in customers’ pockets while remaining true to the Ford ‘fun to drive’ philosophy.”

The new models will include a Mondeo Hybrid, which includes what is labelled as a ‘mild hybrid system’ which will improve efficiency but at the same time retain the overall driving experience.

Ford’s hybrid technology will also see energy recovered from the energy lost from braking and coasting.