Ford Boss Questions Zero Emissions By 2035

Tue 23rd Jun 2020

The UK government’s race towards banning all combustion engines is unworkable according to one of the motor industry’s leading figures.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has recently hinted that a ban on sales of new ICE-only cars may be brought forward to 2032, but speaking to Autocar, Graham Hoare, Ford UK chairman has said unless government works more closely with industry then the deadline is unlikely.

“I don’t see a future at 2035 without some application of plug-in hybrids, but many vehicles types could comfortably move towards full electrification by then,” Hoare said.

“There's no silver bullet. There's no single solution that caters for the bandwidth of vehicles that are on Britain’s roads today, both cars and CVs [commercial vehicles]. We need to think as an industry in partnership with government. We need to unite together to create that consistency of purpose between industry, government, energy providers and consumers to embrace the challenge.”

The Ford UK boss, while hinting that hybrids should be reconsidered also pointed to a future where hydrogen may be a serious option, though the expensive alternative may need some innovation.

He said: The hydrogen pathway is one to watch, driven by the heavy-goods vehicle industry.

"Hydrogen could be an opportunity but very cost-sensitive. Therefore it will require a huge amount of innovation to make it affordable, but I do see great progress from energy providers and technologists.”