Ford Creates Weird ‘Meeting Room’ Self-Driving Car For Futuristic Board Meetings

Tue 17th Apr 2018

Ford Motors has patented a bizarre new self-driving vehicle, with room for eight people underneath a panoramic domed roof in a circular cabin.

The vehicle has no steering wheel, but is thought to be an extension of what the future of self-driving vehicles could look like, with business conferences on the move for those too busy to wait for the next destination.

The vehicle was revealed as it was filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office by Ford. The technical specification said that the futuristic design is a “vehicle with round passenger compartment. The vehicle provides a versatile passenger compartment that mat be used, e.g., when the vehicle is autonomously operated.

“The table provides an area for occupants to collaboratively work or play. The passenger compartment provides a spacious interior space for occupants to use. Occupants may increase free space by moving and/or stowing the seats as discussed further below.

“In some configurations, the passenger compartment may open to the external environment, providing a variety of surroundings for occupants.”

Ford have joined the race to produce the next generation of self-driving vehicles, and with the technology close to being a reality, a raft of weird and wonderful motoring experiments are set to hit the roads.

Ford has already spoken about a robot police car to catch speeding drivers, and even issue fines using artificial intelligence.

Tests are ongoing across all manufacturers, though safety is still a concern, with Uber involved in the first pedestrian fatality last month during their own tests.