Ford, Fiat and Nissan See Adverts Banned For Speeding

Mon 29th Oct 2018

Three of the UK’s biggest car brands have seen their latest TV adverts pulled after being found guilty of encouraging dangerous driving.

Ford’s advert for the Mustang saw 12 different objections lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), and despite being approved by the Cinema Advertising Association, the ASA ruled that the Mustang was being driven abruptly and enticed road rage. The advert which was called ‘Don’t Go Quietly’, was also criticised for the car’s five-litre V8 engine revving too loudly, even though the car did not go faster than 15mph throughout the filmed sequences. The advert showed drivers using the prospect of driving the Mustang as a tool to relieve anger from work.

Nissan were another company under scrutiny, their latest advert for the Micra demonstrated the new Intelligent Emergency Braking, which was shown in action when a man steps out in front of the car. But the ASA ruled that the ad implied that drivers can be reckless because the car’s automation would kick in.

Fiat’s advert didn’t even make our TV screens. Featuring on YouTube, it showed the cars driving around on spiral roads like Hot Wheels cars, which the ASA deemed to encourage racing. Despite the advert not actually appearing on an English channel, the ASA said that it was paid for by the Italian company’s UK subsidiary so came under their jurisdiction.

"We told Ford Motor Company Ltd that their advertising must not encourage unsafe driving, including by depicting driving as a way of relieving anger.” the ASA sain in their reports.

"We told Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UK Ltd that speed must not be the focus of future ads, and to ensure they did not portray driving behaviour, including racing, that condoned or encouraged motorists to drive irresponsibly.

"We told Nissan not to encourage dangerous driving by exaggeration of its safety features or depict driving at excessive speeds which could encourage irresponsible or dangerous driving."