Ford Retains Most Popular Car Brand Title

Mon 7th Jan 2019

Ford Motor Group may be suffering a slump in sales in the UK, but they remain the country’s top selling cars after topping the charts for 2018.

With an 11.6 per cent slump, the American car giant hasn’t had a smooth ride over the last 12 months, but with the Fiesta’s sales continuing to deliver the goods, Ford can boast a year which saw 254,082 across all models. Fiesta alone collected 96,000 sales and is the UK’s favourite car of 2018.

Volkswagen came second in the list of registrations, with a just over 200k of sales, and though their sales didn’t drop as dramatically as Ford’s, they still saw a slip of 2.6 per cent. The Golf (65,000) and Polo (45,149) remain the German brand’s biggest sales weapon and with a respectable 203,133 sales the company remains solid in the UK.

Another company to see sales drop considerably was Vauxhall, with an 9.1 per cent slump. The formerly British brand is under threat from dropping out of the top five in terms of cars sold in Britain, selling just 177,298 in the UK for 2018.

The remainder of the top five is made up of the two German premium brands, Mercedes-Benz in fourth and BMW in fifth. Mercedes shifted 172,238 units in 2018, and though sales are down 8.3 per cent for the year, they will be expecting big things in 2019, with the launch of the new CLA, GLA, GLB, GLE, AMG A45, B-Class and EQC SUV all being launched to the market.

BMW were pipped by their German rival by less than 200 sales, but despite missing out on the title of top premium brand, they will be the happier of the German big three with a sales drop of only 1.7 per cent. BMW also have new cars for 2019, in the form of the new 3 Series and the new 1 Series.


Top Ten Car Brands Of 2018
1. Ford - 254,082 registrations

2. Volkswagen - 203,133 registrations

3. Vauxhall - 177,298 registrations

4. Mercedes-Benz - 172,238 registrations

5. BMW - 172,048 registrations

6. Audi - 143,739 registrations

7. Nissan - 102,637 registrations

8. Toyota - 101,922 registrations

9. Kia - 95,764 registrations

10. Hyundai - 89,925 registrations