Ford Tech Could Save Lives And Emissions

Sat 2nd Apr 2022

Ford Motor Group have trialed new connected-vehicle technology on the streets of Germany which could see emergency response vehicles given the green light for clear roads.

The smart traffic light system which is being developed on a series of consecutive traffic lights in Aachen, Germany is being developed with Ford, Vodafone and the University of Aachen, with support from the German government.

The technology, which is also being developed to reduce the emissions caused by slowing down and stopping at traffic lights, sees vehicles communicate with the traffic lights, and in the case of emergency vehicles the light will go green allowing the ambulance, fire engine or police car to pass through.

“Whether it’s a fire engine attending a blaze or an ambulance en route to an accident, the last thing anyone wants is for these drivers to be caught up among other vehicles waiting for the lights to change,” said Martin Sommer, research engineer, Automated Driving Europe, Ford of Europe.

Car manufacturers are also hoping that the trial will also help reduce congestion, with connected vehicles communicating with the road infrastructure to allow smoother journeys in urban areas. Ford’s Adaptive Cruise Control technology will change the speed of vehicles to ensure that a higher proportion of cars encounter a green light. 

“Exchanging data between cars, emergency vehicles and traffic lights in real-time using the latest mobile phone

 technology makes road traffic safer and more efficient,” says Michael Reinartz, director, Consumer Services and Innovation, Vodafone

 Germany. “Intelligent traffic light control helps save lives when every second counts and also reduces unnecessary waiting times and cuts CO2 emissions.”