Ford Technology Will Keep Your Car Under Speed Limit

Mon 30th May 2022

Speeding tickets will be a thing of the past if Ford’s latest technological advancement is implemented in cars of the future.

While the European Union is already legislating that all new vehicles built from this year have a maximum speed limit of 112mph, there is still some work to be done to ensure that vehicles can meet the speed limits of local areas, such as outside of schools and to deal with temporary speed restrictions such as roadworks.

Using connected technology, Ford are hoping to employ geofencing technology which will recognise zones for schools, hospitals and shopping areas and automatically reduce the speeds, making the roads safer for all who use them.

The Geofencing Speed Limit Control system could eventually do away with the need for speed limit signs entirely.

“Connected vehicle technology has the proven potential to help make everyday driving easier and safer to benefit everyone, not just the person behind the wheel,” said Michael Huynh, manager, City Engagement Germany, Ford of Europe. “Geofencing can ensure speeds are reduced where – and even when – necessary to help improve safety and create a more pleasant environment.”

Ford are currently trialling two Ford Pro vehicles in Cologne, Germany to analysie the impact of speed limiting on traffic flow and reducing accidents. It is thought that the trial will work in tandem with another Ford innovation, which sees connected traffic lights automatically go green to make clearer routes for ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles.

Ford also have Local Hazard Information installed in more than 500,000 cars across Europe, which warn drivers about broken down vehicles and other hazards.

The idea of automatically reducing the speed of vehicles is a contentious one, with some in the UK suggesting that the government may ignore the EU legislation. The technology will installed in all cars from this year, but will not be mandatory to use and can be overridden until later in the decade.