Ford To Lose Focus

Wed 29th Jun 2022

One of the UK’s most popular cars of the last decade will be phased out over the next few years as its manufacturer looks to bring in electric alternatives.

The Ford Focus, which was launched in 1998 has regularly seen sales in Europe of more than 500,000 units since launch, and for all but two of the last ten years has seen sales in excess of 200,000.

But the pandemic lockdown, and subsequent microchip shortages have seriously impacted sales and in 2022 the order book is currently closed on the Focus as Ford consolidates its existing orders.

Built in Germany, the company have announced that the end of the era for the Focus is the ‘beginning of a new process to develop future site use opportunities both within Ford and outside of Ford.’

The news has brought concern in Germany, particularly in a week when Ford also announced that the ‘next generation’ of its electric vehicle architecture would be built in Spain. Despite this, Ford have also committed £1.6bn of investment in the company’s Cologne site, and will begin building electric vehicles there next year.

In announcing the end of the Focus, the company’s president and CEO, Jim Farley said: “We are committed to building a vibrant, sustainable business in Europe as part of our Ford+ plan, and that requires focus and making tough choices.

“The European auto industry is extremely competitive, and to thrive and grow we can never settle for less than unbelievably great products, a delightful customer experience, ultra-lean operations and a talented and motivated team.”