Ford Transit To Breath Life Into Ambulances

Wed 11th Aug 2021

Britain’s life-saving vehicles, the trusty ambulance, could be set to get a new look after the NHS announced plans to buy a fleet of ambulances based on the iconic Ford Transit van.

The Ford Transit, traditionally the vehicle of white van man, and more recently the boom in parcel deliveries, might soon be delivering babies following a £100,000 investment in a range of electric ambulances.

The electric Transit has a range of 250 miles from a single charge, plenty enough to cover a normal ambulance shift, and capable of eliminating the carbon footprint and reducing fuel bills for the NHS. Research shows that the NHS contributes to four per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, but the health service has the aim of being net zero within the next 20 years.

The Ford Transit ambulance is being made in Dagenham, with exports expected globally, it will be unveiled at the Emergency Services Show in September.

“The vehicle will be able to do more than enough miles on a single charge to meet the demands of a typical shift,” said Oliver North, chief executive of Venari, an emergency vehicle manufacturer who are working with Ford to produce the ambulance.

“We anticipate that it will be deployed most often in an urban environment, where it may do as few as 70 miles a day, with a lot of stopping and starting in traffic and at junctions. It has more immediate acceleration than a diesel and will give a smoother ride.”

The new Ford Transit ambulance is expected to be lighter and more economical than another electric ambulance which is being trialled by West Midlands Ambulance service currently.